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Balancing Hormones Naturally: A Holistic Solution

Hormones in our body can easily become disturbed and confused by many factors. This confusion can create an array of symptoms such as gradual weight gain, fatigue, sluggish thyroid, high cholesterol and blood pressure, infertility, along with other problems that reduce health and wellness. Normally, hormones flow in the blood stream and communicate with various systems in the body for proper function.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported to Congress that "There is concern that certain pesticide chemicals and other substances may modify the normal functioning of human and wildlife endocrine, or hormone, systems and cause developmental, behavioral, and reproductive problems." The EPA is currently doing research to set up testing standards that determine if endocrine disruptors are a problem. We should know in a few more years the results of those studies and the guidelines that will be established.

In the meantime, more and more people are complaining of some kind of hormonal imbalances in their reproductive systems, thyroid, adrenal and other glands. In addition to poisons in our environment affecting the delicate balance of our hormones, stress, low fat, low protein diets as well as external synthetic hormones added to our food supply greatly influence hormone balance. Synthetic estrogen and growth hormones given to cattle and chickens for the intention of artificially increasing their size have a powerfully negative effect on our own hormones and glands. This can cause a disruption in communication and messaging in the body.

Stress has an extremely adverse effect on the body, and seems to be affecting more and more people. Physically, it can effect proper blood flow to the various systems and cause an array of health problems. If blood flow in the body is congested, hormone communication can decrease. This results in hormonal and other symptoms and problems.

It is a common medical practice to prescribe synthetic hormones to treat women with hormonal imbalances. Though recent studies have shown that the side effects to this type of therapy can be quite dangerous, many are willing to take that chance because the symptoms are just too unbearable. Many people tell me that they've tried the common herbal remedies found in health food stores and recommendations written about in magazines, to no avail. For some women, there just doesn't seem to be any other alternative — until now.

As a modern development in the ancient practice of Oriental Medicine, hormonal imbalances can be treated. This technique is based on ancient principles, but was developed in the US due to the health problems Americans face today. By identifying areas of blocked communication within the body, and using this very specialized acupressure and acupuncture technique, the body is able to heal itself and health can be restored.

Acupuncture You Can Chew: Nutripuncture

Nutripuncture is literally an acupuncture treatment that is chewed and swallowed. Our bodies have different electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that carry information for our body parts to communicate with each other. That is why Western doctors will order Magnetic Resonance Imaging tests (MRIs) to "see" different parts of our bodies, Electro Encephalo Grams (EEGs) to measure electrical impulses in the brain, Electro Cardio Grams (ECGs or EKGs) to measure electrical impulses in the heart.

We are exposed every day to "EMF pollution" — from cell phones, wireless phones, wireless computers, high tension power lines, cell phone towers, Bluetooth headsets, remote-controlled garage door and gate openers, microwaves, and "passive" EMFs from any appliances that are plugged in, even if they aren't turned on. These EMFs can confuse the EMFs in our bodies, causing certain types of malfunctions. Nutripuncture corrects EMF information in our bodies that has been corrupted by environmental EMF pollution.

Developed in France, Nutripuncture uses trace minerals in very precise combinations to treat acupuncture points. Clinical observation has shown outstanding results, especially when the condition is chronic and resistant. Call for more information about this specialized protocol; it has taken mineral therapy to a new level!

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The following classes are offered throughout the community. If you'd like to attend any of these classes, please call (727) 669-6000 to register as seating is limited. All classes are free for our patients and their guests; most classes are free to the public. Some classes are only taught 1 time per year. If you'd like Dr. Riggin or Dr. Marie to speak to your group or club, please call for details. Check our class schedule to see the latest times and locations for upcoming events.

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Fine Tuning Allergy Treatments - A Patient's Story

Recently, a patient came into the office complaining of various allergy symptoms. She indicated to me that she had been through a course of allergy elimination treatments with two different doctors. She was told that she had completed all the necessary treatments. However, she still did not feel well. I proceeded to examine and test her myself.

The results of her examination and testing were quite interesting. Even though she had completed the basic allergy treatments, she had never been tested to see what needed to be fine-tuned. That was the problem. The allergy elimination protocol seems quite simple at first glance, but is actually very complex. Many times fine-tuning is missed or skipped and the patient suffers. That was the problem with this patient. Once we completed the necessary treatments, her symptoms diminished and she felt great. She was also educated about maintenance treatments so she could continue to feel great.

Over the past few years, many patients have experienced the benefits of allergy elimination treatments that desensitize the body to the offending allergen. This is accomplished by using a modern acupuncture / acupressure technique to balance the body's energy fields while the patient holds the allergen. For some, simply treating the basic nutrient groups creates such a profound effect on their immune system, that their symptoms disappear. For those with more severe chronic problems, experiencing a relief of symptoms along with a reduction of medications, may take a little longer to achieve, but was well worth the wait. Clinically, these patients start to see a significant turn in their health at various plateaus of treatment. First by desensitizing the basic nutrients, then by focusing on specific allergens, then by fine-tuning the body's energy fields.

Here's what I have observed during the past 10 years: to achieve optimum results, patients need to be committed to treatment and follow through with corrective care once relief of symptoms is attained. Since we don't live in a stress-free, perfect world, it is vital to do some level of maintenance care to stay in good shape. If any of this sounds like you, don't wait — call today to schedule. You'll be glad you did and you may find that fine-tuning your body is what you need to really enjoy increased health and wellness.

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